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Don't let social media's vacuum suck you in

Read more books, expand your imagination! Don't let social media's vacuum suck you in.

Social media's impact is powerful these days. In an age of virtual madness, don't get caught up with other people's highlight reels & focus on creating a fulfilling life IRL for yourself.

I've thrived to use social media to impact others over the years via books/reading. I do not care about the number of followers as much as I care about using my time on social media positively and creatively. I'm more of a a word person than number person as you can tell from my IG captions.

My passion for reading started at a young age. My parents mention my childhood shenanigans where they would have to snatch books out of my hands to get me to even eat!!!

I've been on a really tight budget for way to long, unable to buy brand new books but I did not let that stop me from reading!

I have spent a lot of time at Barnes and Noble and independent bookstores to read novel in a day or two (or buy them on sale). I am a huge independent bookstore supporter because during tough times, these magical places have given me a home.

Fun fact: I'd be careful not crease pages & place the book as far as I can in pile, hoping that the customers will pick the untouched book because who doesn't love the smell of fresh, clean pages. Well at least #I❤️theSmellofFreshPages.

Moreover, since I love words so much, I've been creating my own hashtags as a semi outlet for "creative writing" and to group my photos!

IG is my outlet for creative writing/ bookgraphy/ supporting authors' work. Below is the photo from the first author who commented on my IG photo.

Pictures shown below:

Finished Kasssia St. Clair's The Secret Lives of Color at Barnes and Nobles because I couldn't afford to buy brand new books. I took a picture of it because it was such a fascinating read that I posted a book review on IG.

The author commented by leaving an emoji, showing me her appreciation towards my book review which made me really happy. Since then I continued posting book reviews because nothing more exciting to me on IG, other then an author commenting on my post

Books and bookstores are very close to my heart for this reason. They have been home during good and bad.

They've help me stay grounded to the present moment which leads to more mindfulness. Mindfulness helps stimulate creativity and creativity is magical. If you feel like you're creative, EMBRACE IT!

Books give me wings so I post away but what ever it is that

fulfills you, keep at it!

Remember IG pages can look perfect but life is NEVER perfect. Behind each post & smile, someone is fighting a battle.


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