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Did you know Kobe Bryant's book, "The Mamba Mentality" is named after his Hashtag, #Ma

Kobe Bryant- Basketball Star, Husband, Father and Author

RIP Kobe Bryant, Gianna and all other victims of helicopter crash. My deepest condolences to the families of this tragic helicopter crash.

Kobe wasn't just a renowned basketball player, he was actually a wonderful person, so wonderful that you actually did not need to know him personally to understand this.

He was mindful of all his actions, professionally and personally.

His death really touched many other lives because the depth of his own words and actions over the years.

His words were always sincere, motivating and positive.

I consider myself to be a motivational individual but here and there, everyone needs an occasional motivational boost and I recall watching Kobe's youtube videos to uplift my spirits.

Moreover, a basketball player, that loves to write? So unique. Matter of fact, I always "liked" his book posts on IG and a day after his death, all I could think about is what did this amazing man have to write about.

So I tried to order The Mamba Mentality book on numerous websites such as Barnes and Nobles, Amazon and Target but all of the sites said "Out of stock".

Then I started calling book stores. The first call was to Barnes and Nobles

Me: Do you have The Mamba Mentality book in stock?

Barnes and Nobles Sales Associate: No

Me: how come?

Barnes and Nobles Sales Associate: Because he died.

Me: hmm I am aware of that.

Barnes and Nobles Sales Associate: Well people came in and had us remove his books of the shelf.

Me: I see. I just assumed more people would want to purchase his book.

Barnes and Nobles Sales Associate: But he died.

Me: hmm. well thank you and have a lovely day.

As I hung up, more confused to why the big chain stores removed his book of the shelves.

So after a few more calls to independent book stores in NYC, McNally Jackson, one of my favorite book stores in Manhattan was kind enough to order and hold the book for me for 10 days (although I picked it as soon as they texted me two days post my actual phone call). HUGE THANK YOU!

Yes, the book might be worth a lot someday but his words are priceless and I needed it on my shelf, in my reading nook.

From being a good family man to being a passionate author, from the court to home, he had accomplished so much and was truly inspirational.

I do ponder sometimes, did Kobe know his life was going to be short, is that why he was extra motivated?

What a great way to leave the world- with a bunch of meaningful, motivational words, I keep thinking.

Kobe Bryant has become an angel.

Besides my usual book post on my IG- @Her_Reading_Nook - about The Mamba Mentality, I decided to take the book to work to show my colleagues and mostly the students I teach.

As I was reviewing questions for exam prep, the book was passed around to about 100+ students and I can see the light the words and pictures were bringing to their faces & most importantly, their hearts.

Students asked me to borrow it so it rotated among students for a few weeks until it came back to me.

Although I was a bit concerned about it being misplaced, the happiness of passing a book around to make others happy was priceless.

We think our life is forever but life is fragile and short. Words are forever.

Check out my IG: @Her_Reading_Nook for more about The Mamba Mentality book post!

#I ❤️TheSmellOfFreshPages #MambaForever #MambaOut

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